1,2… and 3!

*Disclaimer : this is not a pregnancy announcement! We are still a happy, child-free family and we are planning to keep it that way for a while :))

There comes a time in your life when you feel you need a change. you pack your bags with all the memories and you just go. 1405036_588099221226234_363523686_o

3 years ago we made this decision. One flight later, we were in London, starting a new life. Different feelings were racing through our head, we were unsure, scared, excited, full of hope, away from home… I wish I could say this feels like yesterday, but it actually doesn’t, as a lot of things had happened since that day.

We’ve been through better, we’ve been through worse, we fought so we can be who we are and where we are today. Was it hard? it sure was. was it worth it? no doubt!

So what have we done during these 3 years and what have we learnt?

We met a ton of people. Some of them were amazing soul healers, some of them were simply wonderful and became our family. Some of them were ok in that particular moment in time, and they vanished thereafter. We met some really bad people too, but fortunately they are not around us anymore.

We worked very hard, sometimes 7 days a week. We still do. For us, for our dreams.

We traveled back and forth between Romania, The UK and Italy. Being able to spend Christmas and Easter with your family is the most astonishing feeling ever. Family is very important to me.

We purchased our dream house and our dream car.

We got married! And it was the best day ever, full of surprises, surrounded by people who love us and care about us. Everything was so special and we will cherish that day (and night!) forever.

We became godparents and it was amazing.

We lost people we loved. And that was by far the hardest part… To know that the people you cared about dearly are no longer waiting for you to come home is extremely painful…and you feel guilty.

And most important, we learnt to love ourselves, and to be more confident. We became stronger. All the experiences, every word, all the people we’ve met shaped us, changed us. When they tried to put us down, we learnt how to stand tall. When they told us we don’t worth anything, we gained confidence. When we felt we couldn’t walk anymore, we kept going. When we weren’t sure, we found our faith.

Despite the difficult situations we may have faced, these 3 years have been amazing and if I were to go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Cheers to more years together… in the UK, Romania, Germany, who knows?! As long as you hold my hand, I can (and will!) go wherever!



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